Referendum valid in Issaquah

Someone at the Issaquah Press article commented that ” issaquah is not a referendum/petition driven city”.

Just to clarify …

The City of Issaquah does support / allow referendum of ordinance, according to City Code 1.12.010. See this link to code …

So valid signatures on our petition will count toward getting the bag ban ordinance on the next municipal ballot, for a vote of the people.

A valid signature is a resident of Issaquah registered to vote.

Save Our Choice Campaign


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Posted on June 13, 2012, in city code, issaquah, referendum. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Is there anything way to repeal this ban? What about those who have an Issaquah address but do not live in the City of Issaquah? It seems like those who patronize the services in Issaquah even though they are not in City limits should have some sort of say. Are they going to charge you 5 cents if you ask for a box at Costco…I think not!

    • FreeRangeAuthor

      You MUST be a registered voter within the City limits to sign the petition, otherwise your signature won’t count. The laws would need to be changed to allow what you suggest.

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