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  1. Stacey Hughes

    Is there a way to sign the petition online? Couldn’t find any link on this site
    Stacey in Iss

    • FreeRangeAuthor

      No, there is no online petition to “sign”. The paper petition is a legal document to be signed by voters – there is no legal online process.

  2. I had no idea this was going to happen in less than a month. Just saw a sign at my local grocery store. I would have signed the petition if I had known. Wish you were collecting signatures now. I’m sure the majority of people in Seattle had no clue and will be very upset. I recently went to a store in Edmonds that has a ban on plastic bags. The cheap, small, no-handle paper bags they used ripped before I made it to the car…but at least they didn’t charge me for them (or did they?). I agree with Nina, I also use the plastic for garbage to save money (am disabled and very low income) and take the bus most of the time; the idea of hauling around a bunch of cloth bags just in case I want to do some shopping is ludicrous and a hardship. I’m sure ‘the granola’ set think this is ban is great; they can afford to store their cloth bags in their Volvo’s, purchase plastic bags for their garbage, etc. The people this affects most are the poor, low-income, struggling people like me. And an FYI, I do have cloth bags and do use them when I go to a planned trip such as the food bank; so, we really didn’t need the do gooder’s to force this on us.

  3. Good Try. Get more help next time. The support is their. You just
    need volunteers and paid gathers.. In today society people dont
    have the time to volunteer on these drives.

    steve burdick

  4. Rick Greenquist

    Thanks for all you are doing.

    The propaganda that supported City Council’s decision, weighed heavily on the damage that plastics pose to marine life. However none of our grocery store bags make it into Puget Sound since prevailing winds come up from the south west.

    Any one who is involved in the North Pacific fishing industry, or who has back packed along the Pacific beaches in the Aleutians and the Alaskan panhandle will testify that the enormous amount of plastic garbage on the beaches in these areas can be identified by the language characters as Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and a few others that I haven’t identified. If we want to rid the Pacific of plastics, then we need to conduct international diplomacy to get these countries to stop dumping their plastic garbage into the ocean.

    The plastics aren’t from our grocery stores – that notion is absolutely false. The Seattle City Council has burdened the people for the cause of their political correctness, and in violation of the very spirit of democracy. What pigs!!

  5. The San Jose (California) city council passed a similar law last year, and now is being enforced from Jan 1, 2012.

    We are also hoping to repeal the bag ban in San Jose. We wish you the best of luck in your campaign. Do not let the few govern against the will of the majority, especially with illogical, false, arguments supposedly in the name of environmentalism.

  6. Are there going to be any comments here of people who disagree with you, or will those comments be ‘moderated’/censored?

    I don’t think it is particularly smart to value the tiny economic impact this has on households, and the inconvenience of having to modify a habit, over and above the environmental damage plastic bags cause in our oceans. This change must happen fast, and you’re just making it harder by appealing to people’s selfishness: a big enough hurdle as it is without someone stoking it and exhorting people to indulge in it.

  7. well is they want to ban plastic bags, so be it. But why do they think that they should give the go ahead to let the stores charge 5 cents, (for now!) for a bag to take your stuff out in.
    And don’t think I’m going to take old reuseable bags to the store with me.We have a litter problem not a plastic bag problem.I watch kids from west seattle high school walk by a trash can and throw their litter on the ground next to it. Maybe start teaching kids respect in school instead of how to sue their parents.

  8. My prinicpal objection to this legislation is that this is one more instance where the City of Seattle believes it knows better how to manage our lives than do the citizens; the citizens had choices before including all the flexibility to accomplish the environmental objectives without the City taking away our flexibility.

  9. I don’t live in Seattle so I can’t sign the petition. But I so hope this effort is successful. Of all the issues the City faces and the fact the citizenry repealed this once before telling the Mayor and Council NO, this needs to get rejected again, and the politicians need to go bye bye.

  10. This plastic bag ban will put a financial burden on me. I’m a single-mom and I’m not qualified for any government assistance. Therefore, I live a very frugal life with my 7 yrs old son and every nickel count. I do my one big shopping once a month to save on gas. I will have to by 15 reusable bags, which after awhile it may be contaminated with food-borne bacteria. That will be very unhealthy for my son and me. I’ve been using store plastic bags as garbage bags to save money instead of buying expensive garbage bags. Will the city council send me a voucher for those expensive bin liners, which is how much better for environment? Not much.

  11. What makes our city council members think that we hired them to tell us how to bag our groceries? These people believe that we are not competent to make responsible choices, and they have no respect for our wishes.

    For a good perspective on the myths about plastic bags see this article:

  12. Totally on your side man. My wife works at Fred Meyer…apparently everyone there is itching to sign this!

  13. Getting a little fed up with Hilex Poly trying to tell Seattle what to do. Plastic bags are extremely wasteful. Incredibly wasteful. And the recycling scheme simply doesn’t work. Look around you, there are plastic bags EVERYWHERE in the streets. It could be very simple to switch to a more indful shopping culture, where you bring a reusable bag with you. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

  14. We completely agree with you! We would love to help out in any way possible! Let us know what we can do!

  15. Like all things Seattle, this law was repealed once by the local voters. But not satisfied with the voter’s decision, Seattle desires to ram it down our throats once again!

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